Rev. John Morehouse has been chasing mysteries all his life.  In his younger days he wanted to learn more about human nature so he studied anthropology.  He wanted to help solve the energy crisis so he started a solar energy store.  He fell in love, started a family and wanted to know “what for?” So he became a UU minister.

 Along the way, he has travelled around the world several times, raised five daughters (all strong women) with the love of his life, Frances and served UU churches in four states.  Before coming to California he helped to build a new multimillion dollar church in Maryland, “on the dream that they would be a lighthouse for generations”.

 John calls himself a mystic, still searching, knowing fitfully that the truth is just slightly out of reach.  “The fun is in stretching” he says, “like pilates for the soul”.  John now serves as the minister of Pacific Unitarian Church, a 2008 “Breakthrough Congregation” by the UUA.  He leads workshops on spirituality and social justice everywhere they call him.  You can reach him at minister@pacificunitarian.org


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